Don’t miss the BEST Civil War walking tour in Charleston!

Tourguie Jack ThomsonThere are many choices for Civil War walking tours while in Charleston. How do you know which one is best for you?

You will probably enjoy any walking tour you take. Your guide could be a student from the College of Charleston, someone who rotates from leading walking tours to hosting carriage rides, and everything in between.

Civil War Gazette would suggest you start with Jack Thomson and The Civil War Walking Tour of Charleston. If you have time, try some other tour companies.

We recommend Jack Thomson for several reasons:

  • His knowledge of old Charleston and the Civil War is incomparable to the other tour companies.
  • His tour book is filled with authentic pictures he has compiled since 1986.
  • He is quite a Southern gentleman.
  • He knows how to lead a group. You won’t have trouble hearing him. His discussion is lively. Ask lots of questions.
  • He guides you by placing you in the Civil War period by helping you see the experience in Charleston through the eyes of a real former Confederate soldier named Gus Smythe.Make sure you get a copy of his excellent resource, “Charleston at War“, before your tour. Teh pictures (old and modern) in this book are incredible.

    Jack Thomson gets the Civil War Gazette Award for the best Civil War walking tour in Charleston.

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