Mother writes to son (Confederate)

March 7, 1862

A mother and father each write to their son Fred, a confederate soldier in the war: “Ma: ”

…All morning, the children have been fixing two boxes to send you and “our soldiers”. But I should not be surprised if the North Carolina Regt: has left for Suffolk. I can’t imagine how so many men can be spared from the Peninsula if they expect an attack there, and I am sure Gloucester Point was weak enough before. I think if the Yankees knew as much about it as we do they would try to reach Richmond by the York and James. I am afraid we are not so well prepared as they must think. . . Make yourself easy about Pa’s going into the Army, the people could not spare him and would not allow it I am sure. You know he does a great deal of practice among the poor. There is hardly a day he doesn’t visit someone, and sometimes there are as many as ten persons here a day to see him, either as physician or magistrate, his is a very different case than those who live for themselves alone. . . . When will you be entitled to your furlough for enlisting for the war. ?I heard through L. Gwathmey that he had reenlisted and was going to join a company which would belong to Wise’s Legion, and seemed very unhappy about it. He says he doesn’t know where or how he is. Give my love to Garnett and remember that his Mother requested the very last time you saw her – “to watch over my dear child, and try to exert as good an influence over him as you can.” Peachie professed conversion at a Presbyterian meeting a few weeks ago?”

“Pa” writes: ” find out…what I am allowed…How much for the lighter..go to Richmond & make complaints to the authorities?government, & if they…make me their game, I shall expose them…law says only horses and provisions can be impressed into the service of the Confederacy…Ask Lt. Smith what he thinks…”

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