Soldiers avoiding being enlisted

______ People are getting very much dissatisfied with the Post office?all the boys are at Camp Madison where they were all home on a furlough?they were to be mustered into service but would not till they get the bounty money they were promised. There has been three regiments of Michigan soldiers went through here in the last week and there is several more to come yet as fast as they receive their arms and clothing there are looking set of men big and stout looking?we received word this morning that Stonewall Jackson was whipped or rather he had retreated and that we have captured 17,000 of his men and killed and wounded 20,000 and that our loss was 8,000 killed and wounded?I hope it is true for he is, that is Jackson / the best General the Rebels have. Well, I suppose I will have to give up thinking of going a soldering for Cooper has refused to take me . I should like very much to go but I suppose I could not stand in for it hurts me a good deal to work anymore. I would like to have a hand in this War some way. I hope they will draft me and then I will get to go.They have been examining men /what they thought were exempt in Lisbon for the last week there has been the damdest set of cowards up there that you ever seen / one man sed he had the Pox and the doc made him strip and he had rubbed poke berries over his tool. Another one sed he had the Piles they examined him and pulled a piece of liver out of him about five inches long / he had cut it smooth and round and stuck it in his behind and a thousand other excuses were offered to get cleared of being drafted?I heard today that (they) had contracted to build a Gun Boat…the 104th Regt is going to leave for Kentucky tomorrow?

R. Hurst

R. Hurst, writes to his brother in Union with some great war related content and curious tales of how people are avoiding the draft:

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