Union soldier, camp life, Charleston, Murfreesboro

Aug. 30th 1863.

Friend Adeline

I received your welcome letter a short time since and was glad to hear from you  We are all well at present the diptheria is rageing here again at Delavan there has a great many died.  Last night we had quite a hard frost it bit the corn on the low ground but today it has come of warm and pleasant I attended the funeral of a soldier boy today he died at Murfreesboro his brother sent him home his body came tuesday his funeral was preached today his name was Elnathan Fellows he died for his country what fearful work this war is makeing  the news reached us last night of the fall of Ft Sumter…Wagner we are in hopes everyday of hearing that Charleston is burned Hannah Maria got a letter from Eshan last thursday he was at Placerville Cal. he had gone into business he was getting forty dollars a month he is working on a Rail Road and thinks he will get higher wages after a little there has been a great quantity of blackerries here this season and we have gathered a great many in the morning we would be up and off before light or else we couldnt get any Michael raised over four hundred bushels of wheat he had the best winter wheat that was raised any where a bout here I should think you might come down here and see your old friends we should all be glad to see you wish you lived in Savanna so when they had some of their excurssions out to the Mississippi river I could come and see you I went last fall on one of there excursions to the river all we had to give for going was one dollar to crossed the river in a ferry boat took …in Iowa shall have to close hoping to hear from you soon

yours truly Lydia

One comment

  1. I believe the “soldier boy” mentioned here, who is named Elnathan Fellows, is my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed. My great aunt wrote: ” … Elnathan [Fellows] enlisted in the 22d Wisconsin, and died of fever in Murfreeshore [sic], Tennessee, August 19, 1863.” At the time that this letter was written from Geneva, WI., Elnathan’s family also lived in Geneva, WI. I have a beautiful photo of this young man in full uniform. Who is Lydia, the writer of this letter?

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