Adjutant John Andrews Fox, 2nd Mass., Infantry writes about late Atlanta Campaign (1864)

Letter by Adjutant John Andrews Fox of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry to childhood friend William following the fall of Atlanta.

Head Quarters
Port Atlanta Ga
Oct. 26th 1864

William,Lt. John Andrews Fox

Our communications had been cut for about twenty days. I can assure you the excitement caused by the receipt of home letters was intense – not being either married or bespoken I took the matter philosophically though I confess to a certain amount of grim satisfaction.

I have been somewhat apprehensive lest you friends at home might worry during the blockade and conjure up horrid pictures of starvation or mule steak diet. T’ain’t so. We never lived better and we have as little idea of evacuating the place as we have of starving with plenty of forage within reach. You be sure the secesh widows and fatherless don’t like it, just let them leave alone our railroad. Our last raid brought us a pig, ten chickens, three barrels flour, six bushels, sweet potatoes, one keg syrup, corn meal, honey, beets, apples, dried peaches, etc. If this is staring famine in the face I can gaze calmly on its linearments for some days.

Found on Nate Sander’s auction web site: 12/24/06 Item #2410


  • Shows the success of Union army living off the land during Atlanta campaign
  • At the time of this letter, the 2nd Mass., was part of the Dept of the Army of Ohio and Cumberland

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