Civil War era Cavalry items


includes a steel military bit with U.S. surcharge stamped on the cannon bar region. Bit with brass side disks stamped U.S. on stippled background. One pair of steel stirrups stamped RIA 1912 NS on inside, complete with leather straps. Second pair of steel stirrups stamped Never Rust on outside on both pairs, complete with leather straps. Third pair of stirrups composed of German silver with U.S./G.A.P. and U.S./A.B. stampings on stirrups. Void of leather straps. PLUS, curry brush stamped U.S. inside an oval with Herbert Brush Mfg. Co. stamped immediately above oval.


  1. Hi, is the horse brush marked Herbert Brush Company actually a civil war item , or is it from World War I, any information would be greatly appreciated…thanks in advance .

  2. That brush is a model M-1904 brush. So no, it’s not Civil War. In fact, none of the items are Civil War era.

  3. in the first picture above i have the same stirrups that are all the way to the left my great grandfather gave them to me they are stamped us ab and my family members are fighting over them and no one knows he gave them to me does any one know what they are worth?

  4. I also have this brush and was wondering what I could find out about it. How old it might be and what kind of value it carries. Is it actually something issued by the cavalry during the civil war. If anyone can give me info that would be great

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