Civil War Sword belonging to 1st Lt. James R. Mulliken, USCT


32″ blade retailed by Evans & Hassall, Philadelphia etched on both sides with U.S. and with E. Pluribus Unum. Brass hilt, ribbed brass handle wrapped in brass wire. Metal scabbard with fancy ornate brass fittings with acanthus leaves and scrollwork. Metal scabbard with lengthy inscription that reads, Presented to 1st Lieut. James R. Mulliken, Post Adjutant at Camp Wm. Penn March 16, 1865 by the Chelten Hills, PA, Troops at said Post as a Token of Regard and Esteem for Him as an Officer and Man.

The highly regarded James R. Mulliken is unknown. The single reference to an officer by this name is found in the Official Army Register, Vol. 8, p. 278 under the roster for the 97th USCT. Here, he is listed as 1st Lieutenant from December 7, 1865, but the date of rank is inconsistent with that indicated by the presentation coupled with the fact that the 97th USCT served its entire term in the Department of the Gulf. James R. Milliken was not a regular officer nor was he located in the Pennsylvania rosters under that name or permutations thereof. Camp William Penn was a rendezvous and training camp used exclusively by USCT regiments. At least eleven black regiments were organized there between 1863-65.

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