Civil War Sword belonging to Thomas H. Martin, 63rd and 123rd Indiana

an unmarked, imported M1850 with 30.25″ etched blade and partial leather scabbard with plain brass mounts. Etching is typical floral pattern with patriotic motifs and U.S. in center. Brass hilt with cutout U.S. in guard, leather wrapped grip with complete brass wire. Worn black leather scabbard with brass furniture missing drag and upper carrying ring. Sword is attributed to Captain Jonathan H. Martin of Covington, Indiana who is also listed in the rosters as Thomas H. Martin. Martin joined Company E, 63rd Indiana in August 1862 and later transferred to Company H, 123rd Indiana becoming captain in February 1864.

The regiment participated in the Atlanta campaign with the 23rd Corps. Captain Martin mustered out in Raleigh.


  1. My great grandfather is Thomas H Martin and was a Captain in the Civil War. His middle name is Hembree. He lived in South Carolina and went to war when his wife Essy (my g grandmother) died in 1861. I’m in shock at this find.

    1. It’s been a number of years but I’ve just started researchding a Tom Martin born 1840 and died 1892. He was in the Civil War and later was a US Marshall in Texas. Would this possible be your ggrandfather? Thanks.

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