Hampton Battery F Independent Pennsylvania Light Artillery, flag

both machine and hand-sewn silk with canton sewn in by hand with 34 gold painted 5-pointed stars in two rings with 4″ corners surrounding the letter F, fringed in white silk tassels with three silk ties at hoist, 23″ x 30″ with 2″ tassels, archaically framed and pressure mounted in plexi frame, 29.5″ x 25.75″ with gilt lettered brief unit history mounted below flag.

Hampton’s Independent Battery was under fire sixty-two times during the war, being engaged at Morton’s Ford, Mine Run,Second Bull Run, Cedar Creek, Fisher’s Hill, Winchester, Berryville, Chancellorsville, Strasburg, Ft. Royal, Antietam, Stony Creek, South Mt., Gettysburg, Kerntown, Lacy’s Springs, Rappahannock Station, Charletown, Blackburn’s Ford, Chantilly, White Hall Church, 2nd Winchester, Luray, Newtown, 2nd Newtown, 2nd Cedar Ck., Waterloo, Hancock, White Sulphur Springs, Mt. Jackson, Gaines Cross-Roads, McGaugheyville, Freeman’s Ford, and others.

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