Civil War Union Flag Carried by N.H. Regiment; “Lafayette Artillery”

Beautiful Lafayette Artillery New Hampshire Volunteers Guidon. A beautiful fringed guidon measuring 25″ x 26″ , circa 1833-1864, silk, with painted details, in modern frame 33.5″ x 33.5″, under plexiglass, fine condition with some minor wrinkling and a very few small holes and minor tears. This guidon presents a striking image starting with a base of beige silk (now slightly toned with age) with crossed cannons on a field of 13 stars and rays of light. Above the center motif is a scroll with “Lyndeborough New Hampshire” and below a scroll with “Lafayette Artillery”. The painted on features have lost almost none of their color and are still bright and complete. Mounted at the base of the guidon is a brass plaque reading “Civil War Union Flag Carried by N.H. Regiment”. Though the company can trace its roots back to 1804, its Civil War history began in 1864 when it was sent to Fort Constitution to assist in relieving the National Guards and Strafford Guards.

Info about this flag and it’s sale at auction found here

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