120th Indiana records in Indiana Magazine of History

Items in Indiana Magazine of History

Full Citation: William C. Benson, “Civil War Diary of William C. Benson,” Indiana Magazine of History 23, no. 3 (September 1927): 333-364.
Home: Gibson County (Princeton)
Years: 1863-1865
Regiment: 120th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Co. D

Abstract: Benson’s diary spans January 1, 1864- March 10, 1865. He is involved in brief fighting in Tennessee and Georgia, but is hospitalized and returns briefly home in October. In January, his regiment moves from Kentucky to Washington D.C., where he visits the White House, and then moves to North Carolina in early March. Benson died at the Battle of Kinston, North Carolina, on March 11, 1865. His superior officer completed the last entry in his journal. The journal is followed by letters of Benson’s relatives writing about their grief, reflecting on the sacrifice of Benson’s death, and the lengthy and painful process of transporting his remains back to Princeton.

Sample Text:

1. “Same old command; forward, march! yet we know not where we are going.” (May 19, 1864).
2. “Clear and pleasant. Nothing to do but reflect on the past and think of what we have heard of our present camp in former times, when we were enjoying the pleasures of a quiet home.” (Jan. 30, 1865)
3. “Our poor brother lies now beneath the sod of North Carolina…I sometimes feel reconciled that he is gone as I think he is resting from all the toils and troubles of this most awful war. He sleeps in death and will hear of wars no more. He is now numbered with the Heroic dead, having fought for Liberty, and Union we are Cheered at the thought of his dying in a good cause.” [Benson’s sister to another sister and brother-in-law, March 26, 1865]

LC Subject Headings:  1. United States. Army. Indiana Infantry Regiment, 120th (1864-1866)


Full Citation: David Mitchell Hudson, “Civil War Letters of David Mitchell Hudson,” ed. Roy Hudson, Indiana Magazine of History 47, no. 2 (June 1951): 191-208.
Home: Jennings County
Year: 1864
Regiment: 120th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Co. K

Abstract: Hudson (1837-1864) wrote several letters to his wife Sarah between March 13 and August 26 before dying of scurvy in a Chattanooga hospital on August 28, 1864. His letters are severley critical about soldier’s care in the hospital. He had a particular loathing for cooks, nurses, and doctors who took charity donations of food and clothing intended for soldiers for themselves, ignored patients, got drunk, and played cards.

Sample Text:
1. “So I would say to all if you want to help the poor sick soldiers send [supplies] to them your self by express, and don’t allow any body else to handle it.” (May 6, 1864, p. 201)
2. “Wo! Wo!! unto the Doctors. Soldiers despise them…Put me in the front under rebel fire rather than in a mean Doctors hands…” (July 22, 1864, p. 205)
* LC Subject Headings:
1. United States. Army. Indiana Infantry Regiment, 120th (1864-1866)
2. Chattanooga (Tenn.) History Civil War, 1861-1865.

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