Official Records (CS) Forrest to Van Dorn regarding his CS troops encamped at College Grove

WEBB’S, March 7, 1863.
Major-General VAN DORN,  Commanding Cavalry Corps:

GENERAL: I am at Dr. Webb’s, half mile from the river, and half mile from College Grove. My forces are encamped at College Grove.

General Sheridan (Federal), with force from Murfreesborough (not known). They joined General Steedman, who has four regiments of infantry and one of cavalry, and both forces are said to be encamped about 3 miles from the river. I have sent out men to-night to ascertain where they are encamped, and to get any other possible information as to numbers and position.

They are encamped on the north side of the river, between this place and Nolensville, about 3 miles from the river. Will advise you, and give any information I may get.

I have sent men on all roads in this direction, and especially on the pike toward Shelbyville. Will establish my headquarters here to-night.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Correspondence, Orders, And Returns Relating To Operations In Kentucky, Middle And East Tennessee, North Alabama, And Southwest Virginia, From January 21 To August 10, 1863.
Page 669

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