Official Records (CS) Roddey to Polk regarding citizens saw Federal pickets at College Grove

CHAPEL HILL,  March [9], 1863–10 p.m.
Headquarters Shelbyville, Tenn.:

GENERAL: I send you all the information I have obtained since my last, at 4 o’clock. When my scouts left College Grove, at 4 p.m., they saw the enemy’s pickets standing on the hill at Dr. Webb’s place, south side of Harpeth Creek. When I left the vicinity of Eagleville this evening, two of my guides promised to remain in the vicinity all night, but they came in at 7 o’clock, and stated that the enemy were in Eagleville one hour after we left; but as they did not see them, I don’t consider it reliable. I have a reliable scout in the vicinity of the enemy, who have not yet returned.

I wish to make this explanation: I was ordered by General Bragg to report to you, and by you to report to General Wheeler. Afterward General Wheeler ordered me to report to Colonel Hagan, and by Colonel [J.] Hagan to keep up constant communication with Colonel Russell, at Unionville, of everything in my vicinity. I understood from that order that Colonel Russell would keep him advised, and that it was unnecessary for me to make any other report. I hope the above explanation will be satisfactory. Not having been instructed to report to you, I thought it might be a breach of etiquette to report otherwise than through my brigade commander. I would like very much to know what is considered to be [the duty] of an officer occupying my position [in front]. I have heretofore, for want of a knowledge of the [country], been unable to ascertain the object or strength [illegible (+)] of the enemy, except by skirmishing with and fighting [illegible(+) ], which I have done every chance, but so far [illegible (+)] no party of theirs I could cope with, and have to give back. Yet I am fully satisfied. We have punished them much worse than they have us, notwithstanding Colonel [J. M.] Warren ran into a party at College Grove and lost some thirty-odd of his men. (It was done by my order.)

I am, most respectfully, your obedient servant,
Colonel, Commanding

Correspondence, Orders, And Returns Relating To Operations In Kentucky, Middle And East Tennessee, North Alabama, And Southwest Virginia, From January 21 To August 10, 1863.
Page 676

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