Official Records (CS) Roddey to Polk regarding Federal pickets at College Grove and skirmish

CHAPEL HILL, March 19, 1863–1.30 p.m.
Lieut. Gen. LEONIDAS POLK,  Shelbyville, Tenn.:
Major Johnson has just returned from his scout. He reports finding the Federal pickets, 1 mile this side of College Grove, at daylight. At about sun-up he advanced upon and drove the party from the bridge (the bridge only a skeleton, not complete), and skirmished with him until he burned it. Some time afterward the enemy re-enforced with two regiments of infantry. He fell back, and continued the fight until about 10 or 11 o’clock; then fell back, no one of the enemy pursuing. A Yankee colonel stated to Dr. Webb, yesterday, that their falling back was made to meet a change General Bragg had made, by which move he was likely to get in their rear and cut off their communication with General Grant’s army.
Very respectfully,

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