Official Records (CS) citizen Moody reports Union movements to CS army at College Grove

Sunday Evening, [March 22, 1863]–3 o’clock.
Colonel RODDEY:
SIR: In accordance with instructions received from you this morning, we proceeded down the pike leading from College Hill to College Grove until we discovered the outposts of the enemy. We met with no obstruction between College Hill and the bank of Harpeth River. Dr Webb informed us that a man whom we perceived standing on the pike, about a quarter of a mile on the farther side of the river, was the Yankee picket. We received information from a lady in the Grove that on Friday morning the Yankees ambushed for your command, in the lower part of town. We also heard (and give it as a report to be investigated) that the enemy camped on this side of Harpeth, below Eagleville, last night.

We learned that the force of the enemy who followed you across the river yesterday consisted of 400 cavalry and 300 infantry. They gave our boys credit for good fighting, and were badly scared.

Yours, respectfully,

Correspondence, Orders, And Returns Relating To Operations In Kentucky, Middle And East Tennessee, North Alabama, And Southwest Virginia, From January 21 To August 10, 1863.
Page 721

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