Official Records: (CS) Patterson to Polk regarding Federal cavalry at Harpeth River

CHAPEL HILL, April 6, 1863–4 p.m.
Lieutenant-General POLK,  Shelbyville, Tenn.:
GENERAL: I have just returned from the front, and hear nothing from the enemy of interest. Three or four hundred of the enemy’s cavalry were at Harpeth River this morning. My scouts report that they picket at the cross-roads, about half a mile beyond Harpeth. Their grand guard is near this point. Johnson’s regiment of cavalry is camped about a mile still farther back, to the left of the pike as you go toward Triune, and nearly opposite a brick school-house. There is an encampment of infantry on this side of the town, about a mile from the cavalry; also an encampment beyond the town. I can give no accurate information in regard to numbers, but supposed by scouts to be a brigade of infantry.
Colonel, Commanding Cavalry Regiment.
Correspondence, Orders, And Returns Relating To Operations In Kentucky, Middle And East Tennessee, North Alabama, And Southwest Virginia, From January 21 To August 10, 1863.

Page 742

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