April 11, 1864 – 36th Illinois soldier, Whitney, writes home to father

Letter from Franklin A. Whitney to mother the day after he enlisted in Company F. 36th Illinois.He was listed as from Mission, Illinois, [Kendall County] when he enlisted as a Private on 2/29/64. He mustered into Company F, 36th Illinois infantry 3/19/64. Mustering out 10/8/65 in Washington, D.C.
This transcript is from a copy of the handwritten original. Original letter location is unknown.

Letter reads:

Louden [Georgia]
April 11, 1864
Dear Father,
I received your letter last night and thought this morning would be as good a time as any to answer it. I was very sorry to hear that you have all been sick but I guess you will get over it pretty soon. If you don’t you will probably have to use some of the bounty money the next pay day. I get $50 more bounty and one month’s pay and I will try to send it all home. The captain will send a different order home for the County bounty. It was the Col. doings or you might have had the bounty now. The boys say that some can lay up $100. If that is the case I think I can, that is a year. I think it was well that I enlisted in the 36 [36th Illinois Infantry] for if I hadn’t when J.G. come home I would wanted to enlisted just as much and probably would of went and it even near as good a regiment and I wouldn’t be there to carry my gun for me and [end page one] you know that would be quite a loss, Well tell S[anford, his brother] to write just as soon as he can. Victor is well and doing fine. B.W. says he will write soon. The boys are all well. I will answer Mother and the girls’ letter pretty soon. I now will write a few lines to A[lice] and M[ille] so write often and give my best respects to all enquiring friends.
From your son,
Franklin A. Whitney
Well Alice, how is it with you. I believe you are the one that goes a fishin and gets scared at the snakes. That will never do. You are going to save some of that maple sugar for me ante you ante you glad. I ante those to eat it all up from you. Well you just save what you want. I should eat and that will do. Will you write again and if you get a chance you can come in and see, my woman. I have a real good one John Gordon. S[anford] knows him.
Well, Millie, how is it with you. Do you hunt up the eggs good and do you [next page] get a good many. How is it with the geese and turkies. Do they lay well. How is it with the doves and rabbits. Just tend them and make them too the scratch. Tell Willie to write
From Franklin A. Whitney
C[ompany] F. 36th Reg, Ill vo
Louden, Georgia


Post-war photograph of Franklin A. Whitney, 36th Illinois Infantry.

Image copyright protected, the Kraig McNutt Civil War Collection.

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