May I Quote You Stonewall Jackson?

May I Quote You, Stonewall Jackson: Observations and Utterances of the South’s Great Generals. Cumberland House Publishing.

by Randall Bedwell (editor)

Book description:

If General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson had lived beyond the ill-fated battle of Chancellorsville, the Confederacy might have survived to celebrate the outcome of the Civil War. Characterised by battlefield resolve likened to the strength of rocks and mortar, Stonewall Jackson’s military acumen proved irreplaceable to the Rebel armies. Many believe that with his demise also came the eventual demise of his comrade in arms.

May I Quote Your Stonewall Jackson? vividly portrays a hero of the South through his own words and through the words of those who knew him. Jackson’s remarks about the war and its soldiers paint a lucid portrait of the era and one of its most celebrated leaders.

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According to Robertson [p. 741] …. Jackson expressed confidence that “the men of that command will be proud one day to say to their children: ‘I was one of the Stonewall Brigade.’ I have no right to the name ‘Stonewall.’ It belongs to the brigade and not at all to me.”

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