First Lieutenant William W. Daugherty of the 27th Indiana Infantry

Headquarters 27th Ind Vols
Tullahoma TennApril 13th /64


“We are having very pleasant spring weather�which will be taken advantage of to move the troops in the front Gen. Hovey passed through here yesterday morning on his way to the front. I must say that they have a very poor looking set of Officers and if they do anything they will deceive me. I think Col DeHart the best man I saw. Parish Bartene and Buyers looked as if they have plenty of whiskey to drink�We are getting in rumors to move�Troops are constantly passing through here on their way to the front. I think the grand move will be made by the 10th of May and I have no doubt as to the result. I think Gen Sherman will command in person in the advance from the front and with a force sufficient to over come all obstacles�I only fear that Longstreet will get into Kentucky but if Grant and Sherman move at the same time this will cause him to fall back�”

One month after the writing of this letter, the 27th Indiana fought in the Battle of Resaca, where it inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. The regiment went on to fight in every battle and skirmish of the Atlanta Campaign. It also saw prior action at Front Royal, Cedar Mountain, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, suffering heavy losses at the latter two engagements. William W. Daugherty mustered into Company G on 19 August 1861 and mustered out on 4 November 1864.

Source: Nate Sanders online auction

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