The Commissary Man

The Commissary man — he happened to be in our mess, never had any sugar over, any salt, any soda, any coffee — oh no! But beg him, plead with him, bear with him when he says, ‘Go way, boy! Am I the commissary general? Have I got all the sugar in the Confederacy? Don’t you know rations are short now?’ Then see him relax. ‘Come here, my son, untie that bag there, and look in that old jacket and you will find another bag — a little bag — and look in there and you will find some sugar.’ ‘Now go round and tell everybody in camp, won’t you. Tell ‘em all to come and get some sugar. Oh! I know you won’t. Oh yes! of course.’

Harper’s Weekly, April 18, 1863
Southern Historical Society Papers.
Vol. I. Richmond, Virginia., February, 1876. No. 2
Camp Fires Of The Boys In Gray.

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