I consider these wounds a blessing . . .

Whether experiecing victory in battle or suffering from being wounded in one, Jackson knew all the same to whom to give the credit to.

“I consider these wounds a blessing; they were given me for some good and wise purpose, and I would not part with them if I could.”
– Jackson commenting to his soldiers on May 2nd, 1863; after having been mortally wounded by his own men at the Battle of Chancellorsville

Later that same week, just days before he died, he had this conversation with his aide-de-camp James Power Smith:

“Many would regard them [his injuries] as a great misfortune. I regrad them as one of the blessings of my life.” Smith replied by quoting one of Jackson’s favorite Scriptures, “All things work together for good to them that love God.” “Yes!” Jackson responded. “That’s it! That’s it!”
– As cited in Robertson [1997:744].

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