Another fight at Triune, Tenn., NY Evening Post, June 1863

This story appeared in the June 13, 1863 NY Evening Post

Defeat of the Rebels with a Loss of 100 Men

Nashville, Tenn., June 12th – The Rebels made another attack on Triune, Tenn., yesterday.

At about 5 a.m. General Forrest with his 5,000 Rebel cavalry and two batteries attacked the cavalry division commanded by General Mitchell.

The federal troops formed in line of battle, and replied vigorously to the fire of the rebels, who retreated as the federals advanced.

The federals pursued the rebels six miles, when scouts were sent out, who reported that the rebels were still retreating.

The pursuit of the rebels was then abandoned.

The rebels lost twenty-one killed, sixty or seventy wounded and ten prisoners.

The federal loss is six killed and among them Lieutenant N.C. Blair, of the 4th Indiana Cavalry.

Lieutenant Blair’s body arrived here to-night.

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