Joseph C. Felton of the 2nd Vermont Infantry – camp stories

Joseph C. Felton of the 2nd Vermont Infantry

Dated 28 May 1862, letter reads in part: ‘

‘we are now about 8 miles From Richmond & six miles from the enemes lines near the centre of our lines? heavy cannonading was herd all day yesterday about Richmond? think from circumstances it is favorable to us? Received news since I sat down to write that our men have taken a thousand prisoners as the Result of yesterdays engagement? News came from the Chaplain of the Sixth Regiment. Suppose it to be true coming from a divine. I have learned to take little stock in camp stories. You do not know [how] anxious I am to see you and my dear children and sit down to the table with you who are so dear to me. I fail to know how you get along without the government pay. It is said we shall sign the pay roll next month and then you will have it in June. Hope it true? What I draw here I shall send nearly all home?”

The 2nd Vermont Infantry saw action at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. Joseph C. Felton mustered into service on 12 April 1862. He re-enlisted 18 April 1864 and was killed 8 June 1864 at Cold Harbor, Virginia.

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