every means of attaining a knowledge of Christ and a means of usefulness in future

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Wright of 9th New Jersey Infantry, Company K, to his daughter.

Petersburg, Virginia
13 August 1864

‘Your very kind mother informs me that you are improving in the art of reading and writing. Now I would like you to know that this is of the greatest pleasure to me. If while I were here suffering and enduring hardship for the Sacred cause of Freedom, you were deprived of the means of obtaining an education and of enjoyment, I should be one of the most miserable and disheartened of men. But since you have a very good mother to care for you a School to go to and a Church and Sabbath to attend, with kind teachers and every means of attaining a knowledge of Christ and a means of usefulness in future, I am content and happy?’

Source: eBay, June 2007

Soldier’s identity:

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 10/15/1861 as a Sergeant.

On 10/15/1861 he mustered into “K” Co. NJ 9th Infantry
He Re-enlisted on 11/25/1863
He was discharged for wounds on 5/15/1865

He was listed as:
* Wounded (date and place not stated)

* 1st Sergt 6/3/1863
* 2nd Lieut 3/11/1864
* 1st Lieut 11/27/1864 (As of Co. F)

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* 12/26/1864 from company K to company F

History of the 9th

On June 21 the 9th crossed the Appomattox and took possession of the rifle-pits beyond the City Point & Petersburg railroad, where on the day following it assisted in repelling a charge of the enemy, losing 1 man killed.  It remained in the works some days longer, participating in several sharp conflicts brought on by the enemy, who was in all cases repulsed.  There in the front line the regiment remained, with brief intervals of relief in the second line, until July 29, losing several men, but not having any pitched engagement.  On the 29th marching orders were received and the command proceeded to a new position to act as a reserve to the 9th corps in front of which the “Burnside Mine” was exploded on the 30th.  A day or two afterward it returned to its position and again went into its intrenchments, remaining for a fortnight exposed to a steady fire from the enemy.  On Aug. 16, Maj. Hufty was wounded in the left arm, and the staff of the regimental state colors was cut down by Confederate sharpshooters–nine bullets passing through the colors.

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