I have commenced reading the testament through by course

ALS from KIA soldier Clifford Woods of the 62nd New York Infantry, Anderson Zouaves.

Headquarters Albany / May 23rd

Year is omitted but is most likely 1861, shortly after Woods enlisted.


”we have had pretty hard times our Company are the most of them discouraged and some of them have run away for my part I have found no reason to complain as long as our company holds together I shall go with them…I expected to have to endure trials and hardships although I never expected to see so much vice swearing, drinking, fighting, gambling and sensuality have no end here…our Captain has done all that he could do for us. he has put us in ahead of 51 companies that came here before us. we have been inspected and accepted into a good regiment. Our bord is very good now although when we first came here we had to live on every thing that was nasty…I have not relished a meal of victuals since I have been here. we have been found with only shirts, one pair of drawers, caps and shoes. I have not been very well for two or three days…but let come what will I shall never have the name of a deserter. I have commenced reading the testament through by course and intend to read some in it every day till I read it through’

The 62nd New York was engaged at Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, the Seven Days Battles and Gettysburg. Clifford Woods enlisted as a Private on 1 May 1861, and was mustered into Company C on 3 July 1861. He was promoted as high as Sergeant of Company E before being killed in action at the Wilderness on 6 May 1864.

Source: eBay, June 2007

Soldier’s identity:

Residence was not listed; 18 years old.

Enlisted on 5/1/1861 at New York City, NY as a Private.

On 7/3/1861 he mustered into “C” Co. NY 62nd Infantry
He was Killed on 5/6/1864 at Wilderness, VA

* Corpl 12/1/1861
* Sergt 1/8/1864

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* 8/15/1861 from company C to company E (Estimated Day)

History of the 62nd

The 62nd, “Anderson’s Zouaves,” composed mainly of members from New York City, Brooklyn, Albany, Troy and Saltersville, N. J., was organized at Saltersville and there mustered into the U. S. service June 30 and July 1, 1861, for three years.  It left for Washington on Aug. 21, 1861, and in October was assigned to Peck’s brigade, Buell’s division, Army of the Potomac, which in March, 1862, became the 1st brigade, 1st division, 4th corps, Army of the Potomac, and reached the Peninsula in time to share in the operations before Yorktown, the battle of Williamsburg and the battle of Fair Oaks.

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