Raid in Brentwood, July 1, 1862

Williamson County Historical Society Journal, #28 (1997)pp. 86. The text was written by J.B. Lindsey in Military Annals of Tennessee: Confederate.

In “July, 1862, armed with eleven shot-guns and about as many pistols all told, this company [Company I, 11th TN Cavalry), under command of Capt. Perkins [Thomas F. Perkins Jr.,] at Brentwood attacked a company of Federal cavalry of eighty men-guarding a foraging-train of thirty wagons, loaded with corn and meat taken from the citizens of that neighborhood – killed eight of the enemy (Federals), captured the Captain (Garret) and seventeen of his men. In this action Lieut. Kirby and three of Perkins’s company were wounded. Perkins’ company burned the wagons and carried off about one-hundred and fifty mules. A few days later afterward [7/17??] Perkins’s company, on the Charlotte pike near Nashville, surrounded and captured a Federal picket post, killing two of the Federals and capturing seven. A.M. Davidson, the pilot, was mortally wounded.”

Image credit: The Williamson County Historical Society.


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