Short distance between battlefield and heaven

New York

Aug 27th, 1862


Mr. Varker thinks that there will no drafting done but his thoughts about it did not keep me from coming. It was because it looked too much like a coward and rather than to be called a coward, I would remain even if there was danger of being drafted. It is but for nine months at any rate it is no weak cause, no disgraceful one. I am willing to give myself to my Country, that Country for which my fathers bled and if necessary let my blood be shed. It is for no disgraceful cause but it would be an honorable death to die.

There seems to be but a short distance to the Christian between the battlefield and heaven. Why then should we so dread to go? But it is a solemn subject. It is a serious matter. Many are gone unprepared and many must fall the same. Let us weigh the matter well and be not hasty. I will not lengthen on this subject. I am willing to go, willing to remain and risk the draft but if my parents are opposed I will not go and if it is their wish I will return home. If you wish me to come and if you want anything from the City, some of you had better come and I will return with you.

from William Augustus

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