“Came forward and made public profession of their faith…”

William Savage (to his parents in Greenwich, CT)
10th CT Infantry

21-23 January, 1863

“This is a lovely evening, the moon is nearly full and shines brightly. I do not think I ever saw the moon as bright as it is down here. We did have a communion service last Sabbath afternoon. I came forward and made public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ and received of the Sacrement with us. One man who had never before spoken in meeting, by the grace of God he was going to live differently and requested the prayers of Gods people that he might be enabled to live as he ought.”

The next evening there was a prayer meeting in St. Augustine, too. Savage went on picket and after returning the next morning, “washed and dressed and went down to Church.”

Savage had served on picket during the overnight, and was very tired. “We had the Rev. Mr. Taylor to preach for us,” he wrote. “He is the president of the Christian Commission for this department. I felt so miserably tired and sleepy that I could not give much attention.”

Source: Nate Sanders, July 2007

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