Chaplain comments on ladies’ marks of indignity

John Neil Mcleod
Chaplain of the 84th New York Infantry

Camp Paulding, Baltimore
9 July 1863,


“The mustering officer of the N.S. came here today to muster the men in, the process was solemn. First they took their names and ages, then the whole mass were ordered to take off their hats, hold up their right hands, and take the oath to bear true allegiance to the U.S. etc. The mustering officer was Capt. William Sterling, (Son of Henry Sterling of Philadelphia). He looks very well and is greatly altered for the better. Old Peter stood muster and is now a U.S. soldier. A high private of the 84th. If I detested all forms of Toryism before I detest them more now. It is easy to stay at home and grumble in a corner. But not so easy to suffer wounds, privation and death to serve a great country and cause.  Yesterday 250 of the Regt. were sent to escort 900 rebel prisoners. Alexander had command and it was a very arduous service. They were marched to Fort McHenry, and came near getting up mob in the rebellious streets of Baltimore. Ladies came out in crowds to sympathize with them, and threw all marks of indignity to the Union troops. It was night before they returned to camp.”

Source: Nate Sanders auction, July 2007

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