Is the chaplain like by the soldiers?

8th New York Heavy Artillery soldier, stationed at

Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore, Md

12 April 1863, letter reads in part:

“Our Chaplain, De La Matyr is liked down here. If any one says to you that he ain’t much at Baltimore you just tell them for me that it is false, yes I know there are those in this regiment who do not like him, but they are composed of men who do not like any minister. I have not much patience to talk with those who stay at home, aloof from all dangers and trials incident to a soldier’s life, and criticize the actions of those who have left home and friends to serve their country. I received a letter to day from my brother, his regiment is in Va on picket duty. They have had several skirmishes with the Rebs. I heard one man killed one badly wounded. We still remain in this fort, or 8 companies of no. Co. C. We have gone to Fort McHenry two miles from here.”

Occupied by Union forces, Federal Hill contained tunnels created during a 19th century mining operation that some contend were used by Union troops to store beer and ammunition.

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