God has kept you safe all the time

Letter from Henry Lachman to his brother Eli Lachman of the 179th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company A.

Aug 10th 1862


Dear Brother

We often thought perhaps dear Eli is taken prisoner, perhaps died, or killed by the rebels, but God has kept you safe all the time, and do you thank him for all his kindness to you, for life preserved, for mercies given. In your letter you had about your travel, I am glad you have landed safe every time, you also had in you letter about battles and retreats therof I am very glad that even at the hardest retreat you have had a narrow escape and I hope that God will always be with you, that when ever on the battlefield, you may again return safe and I hope we see each other again in this wourld and if not I earnestly beseech the Lord that we may all meet you in heaven. If I had time I would write a long letter to you but I have not time I must therefore say write son.

Good bye dear Brother

From your beloeved Brother Henry J. Lachman.”

The 179th Pennsylvania Infantry was a nine-month regiment that served mostly to protect resources in its native state, most notably a stint guarding prisoners captured during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Eli Lachman mustered into service on 4 November 1862 and mustered out on 27 July 1863 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Source: Nate Sanders, July 2007

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