Sergeant William C. Cook of the 41st Ohio Infantry, Company C. writes in Aug 1864, Atlanta detail

In front of Atlanta Ga / August 21 1864,

Cook writes amidst the Siege of Atlanta:

Note:  “From July 28 to august 25 the command remained in position before Atlanta, frequently under fire, but sustaining trifling loss.”
– Report, of Lieut. Col. Robert L. Kimberly, Forty First Ohio Infantry commanding regiment and demi brigade. Atlanta, Ga. September 9, 1864.

We are having a different time now than we had last winter we are marching or fighting most all of the time, more amusement than I like. I would rather go to Orrville and see the picture of a Battle field. I heard from Dalton a few days ago. McDowl is more than down on us boys. She does not believe Ed was killed. She says she do not know any thing about it well perhaps she don’t but I know she will never see him again, as I never knew of a dead man coming to life yet. We have been under fire almost every day since the 5 of May now we are in sight of the rebs and are skirmishing with them every few days. there is going to be some hard fighting before they let us go. Today is Sunday, and is middling quiet but cant tell how long it will last as they start up firing all at once some times. We cant tell one minute what shall happen the next, don’t care much either if we have to fight I want to do it and get home again, that is, if they don’t hurt me.


William C. Cook was 18 when he enlisted as  a musician, mustering in to Company C, 41st Ohio Infantry on September 18, 1861 at Camp Chase, Ohio. He was promoted to sgt on 7/9/64 and to 1st Sgt., 1/9/65.

The Siege of Atlanta drew to a close just four days after Cook wrote this letter. During the lengthy Atlanta Campaign, the 41st Ohio lost 150 men on the field of battle. In addition to the Atlanta Campaign, the regiment also saw action at Corinth, Shiloh, Perryville and Stone’s River.

Source: Nate Sanders auction

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