Every second of the livelong day & night I am in danger, so are all the soldiers in this army.

Near Atlanta Ga.
Aug 25th, 1864

Sister Harriet,

When I last wrote, whom I wrote to, and what I wrote, is to me now a matter of doubt. Having been a month right in the midst of an active campaign here at the front, you can probably imagine that I have had no time to keep up correspondence and that in the general disorder I should forget just how matters epistolary stood. Every second of the livelong day & night I am in danger, so are all the soldiers in this army, that is to say I am constantly under fire. A shell or a musket ball, plenty of which are almost constantly on the wing, may come to me at any time. How many have struck just over my head or passed by my side I could hardly tell you since I have been at the front. Every day some one gets hit, but there are a good many of us left yet & we all take our chance. I try to be careful, not to expose myself unnecessarily & at the same not to shrink from duty in a cowardly manner. I dont wish to terrify you by these statements for it always seemed to me that I was to be lucky & I have been able to avoid the balls thus far so that nothing but chance could have hit me. I am in good health and spirits. Weston 50th OhioWe expect to take Atlanta soon & end the campaign. Then times will be easier. The drafted men of the 500 thousand called for on the 5th of Sept. must be here soon & if these are fully and promptly made up I think we shall be able to conquer the Rebellion. You will doubtless see in the papers what the 2nd Division Genl Haskells of the 23rd corps has done in the late movements on this, the left, flank of Shermans army. Our Brigade is the 3rd Col. Stricklands. Lt Col Elstner Commanding our regiment & the 50th Ohio was killed on the 8th of this month while leading the regimentt into action. He was a splendid brave man. (torn at top of page).. .frighten him. He was cool in an engagement, and his presence of mind & judgement always at hand. We shall never get another as good a Commander. The boys shed tears when he died for though not what I call a good man, he was a brave and good commander & the boys could trust to his judgement & leadership. A Capt. Now commands us & of 900 men we now have about 200 to go into an engagement. The rest are killed, wounded, have died or become disabled by disease. My trust is in God for my own present and future life & for the preservation of my country. Probably I might have got a discharge on acct of my eyes, but while I am otherwise well I shall not attempt it. My glasses make me to see when on the skirmish live & at other times I can get along without them. Remember me kindly to all friends. Say I am hopeful & in good spirits though you & no one not in it has an idea of the severity of the Campaign in which we are engaged. We are just now by special order living on 5 day on 3 day rations though we generally get enough to eat. This 3/5 matter won’t last long I think. The other night I wrung water out of my shirt blouse pants etc, went to bed, slept soundly, & got up wet as ever. We had to keep our clothes on you must know as well as cartridge boxes etc & that is the reason we sleep so wet sometimes. We must be ready to meet an attack at any time in a minutes notice. Received a N.Y. Independent two days ago but no letter lately. Love to all. Have got the family picture Celia sent me yet. Direct “Co “K” 50th O.V.I. 3rd Brig. 2nd Div. 23rd A. C. near Atlanta Ga.”

Your brother Asa. M. Weston

(Asa M. Weston enlisted on 8/11/62 as Sergeant in Company K, 50th Ohio Infantry, 3/4/65 promoted to Sgt Major, 4/22/65 promoted to 2nd Lt, 6/26/65 mustered out at Salisbury, NC)

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