We have for two or three weeks cut loose from Mail communications

Decatur Ga,
Sept. 11th 1864
Dear Sister,
I received a letter from you a few days ago. It was an old letter & would have been received before but we have for two or three weeks cut loose from Mail communications in order to Weston letterCapture Atlanta. We left our “Cracker” line too, but before this reaches you, you will have heard how we succeeded in taking the City we have so long been striving for and that now we have fallen back to Decatur 6 miles from Atlanta where the 23rd Corps will remain until we rest & get some drafted men to fill our Army & enable us to continue our foreward movement which we shall probably do in a month. I escaped all accidents though many bullets & shells flew around me and it was almost a miracle that I did escape. The N.Y. Independent you sent I received the day before we started the letter I did not get till we came back. This country is completely desolated where the army has been so long. We passed through some country on our late expedition which was the best I have seen in the south. Fine corn fields, sweet potatoe & bean or pea patches were about the only farming. It was hot dusty and hard marching. We have crossed all the railroad tracks and torn them up & destroyed those south of the city. Yet our corps has not yet been inside the city. During the expedition we were not in the hard fighting & our regiment has not lost any men for three weeks. Before that we lost over one man on an average per day & that too when the aggregate did not exceed three hundred for duty. We draw rations now for 275 men which includes those who are present, sick & detailed for duty at Headquarters & other places. I dont think there are over 200 who bear arms & are available in line of battle. Tell me if the draft comes off who are drafted. Will Old Abe be reelected? I hope so though there are many here especially in the Ky. Regt which belong to our brigade who will vote for McClellan. They would vote for him so much the more willingly I suppose because he suits Vallunsligham. Well I have not time to write much more, Am too tired and dirty & lazy after our severe campaign, & wish to rest awhile, to loll about in the shade is a luxery. Love to all, write the news, let them know I am well, unscratched.

Your Bro. A.M.Weston

(Asa M. Weston enlisted on 8/11/62 as Sergeant in Company K, 50th Ohio Infantry, 3/4/65 promoted to Sgt Major, 4/22/65 promoted to 2nd Lt, 6/26/65 mustered out at Salisbury, NC)

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