George W. Endicott of the 17th Indiana Infantry, Company B. writes 9/13/61

Tiger Valley Virginia
Sept the 13th /61

Endicott writes shortly after a skirmish:

“were awaiting the enemy to attack them, they being camped on a creek and our boys of the 15th and the Ohio boys complained that they could not draw them into a fight so the 17th was sent out through the mountains to try our luck and about dark we arrived in the neighborhood of their pickets and camped for the night settling out all through the woods and faring as best we could. The next morning Captain Huffman sent out 12 men to drive in their pickets. They had been gone but a few minutes till we heard heavy firing, the boys all came back in about 2 hours all sound. They killed one of the rebels Wednesday when Co. ‘L’. went out and killed 5 of them and one Captain but we soon found out that it wasnt healthy to stay there any longer as they was getting round us and we had to to go double quick clear back to where those other Regt’s was entrenched through the mud and in 6 miles .we arrived at the brest works about 8 oclock and was called out in a line of battle just after dark.”


George Endicott, from Darlington, Indiana) mustered into Company B on 12 June 1861, and was promoted to Corporal before being mustered out on 8 August 1865 at Macon, Georgia.

This regiment was organized at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, in May, 1861, and was mustered in on June 12. It left the state July 1, for Parkersburg W. Va., and on the 23rd reached Oakland, Md.

It was engaged in constructing fortifications at Camp Pendleton until Aug. 7, and was then ordered to Cheat Mountain, going into camp at Elk Water.

While in the service, Endicott and the 17th Indiana were engaged at Chickamauga, Knoxville, Kennesaw Mountain and Macon.

Source: Nate Sanders auction

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