Big Harpeth Bridge (Franklin, TN) burned by CS cavalry in October 1862

“In October, 1862, Perkins’s company, in connection with Capt. Hayes Blacburn, burned the bridge across Big Harpeth, below Franklin, Tenn., and on the same day attacked and defeated a large foraging party, guarded by about three hundred infantry, killing and wounding a number of the enemy and capturing one Major, two Captains, one Lieutenant, and fifteen men.”

‘Perkins’ is Thomas F. Perkins, Jr., member of Company I, 11th TN Cavalry. He was from Williamson County, TN.

Williamson County Historical Society Journal, #28 (1997)pp. 86. The text was written by J.B. Lindsey in Military Annals of Tennessee: Confederate.
[Company I, 11th TN Cavalry)

Below: Capt. Thomas F. Perkins, Jr., 11th TN Cavalry, Company I.  Photo taken of him while a prisoner of war, 1864.

Image credit: The Williamson County Historical Society.

Description of what the bridge looked like?

“The bridge of 1819 stood until burned in 1862. It was a large covered bridge with a strong middle pillar. It was covered and was double, having  a partition along its middle course, and was inclosed on its sides and had two open windows on each side.”
– Park Marshall (1928), Bridges of Franklin: p. 107. WCHS Journal, Vol. 28, 1997.

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