We are doing our duty to god and to man and to never cause a blush of shame

Unidentified Union soldier

Camp on Meridian Hill, Washington D.C.,

Nov 17 /61

letter reads in part:

”Bill Brant and all the Chathan boys are well and hearty and in fact the boys in our company with the exception of 3 that was not well when they came and they are going to be discharged and sent home soon. There is some talk of our going down to South Carolina soon but I can not tell now any thing about it for there is so much talk around camp about this thing and that so we wait until we hear it from the headquarters and that is not generally heard until the time is ready to start. I do not doubt but that we shall go down that way and perhaps soon for they do not mean to attack the enemy in their dens in Virginia right away, that is the opinion here. They are not prepared down south as they are Virginia therefore if we go below them we can come in behind their fixings. I hope this war may soon be brought to a close and peace and prosperity once more reign in our midst and we all be permitted to return to our homes in good health and strength as we now enjoy but we can not tell what may befall us but I hope we may be able to meet what ever it may be our lot to meet with our nerves calm and our hearts relying on god for support and strength and feel that we are doing our duty to god and to man and to never cause a blush of shame to come over our dear friends faces that we have left behind.”

Source: eBay, June 2007

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