Letter from Jefferson H. Turner of the 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery, Company M.

Munfordville, KY

december 9 [1863],

letter reads in part:

dear mother

it is prety lonesome. I have got back to the company agen and feel prety well. I have been having a run of the fever but I think that I shall bee able to do dutys agen in a few days. we are expecting an atact by the guriles to night but if they atact us they will have a good time of it for we are prepared for them they attacted a lot of sitisans last night and murdered some of them and robed the rest and we expect them here to night but I do not think that they will find many cowards here the boys are all in good spirits and the most of them feel prety well. the lieutenant says that we will be mustered out the first of january and enlisted over again. is those that are a mind to enlist over agan and get three hundred and 5 dollars bounty. when they muster me out of this I do not think they will ever muster me into any thing els. I have got anough of hevy artilery they lied to us so before that I would not believe them now if they new it was so but I do not think that we shall bee mustered out of this untill our three years is up unless the war closes before that


Turner mustered into Company M on 9 September 1863. He died of disease on 28 February 1864 at Camp Nelson, Kentucky. The 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery’s companies were scattered across several states throughout the war. Company M saw garrison duty at Fort Willich in Munfordsville, Kentucky until 10 January 1864, and at Fort Taylor, Camp Nelson, until May 1864.

Source: Nate Sanders auction 

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