Action (cavalry) in Franklin, TN – Dec 12, 1862

Franklin, Tenn.,
Dec. 12, 1862.

Detachment, Cavalry Division, 9th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland.

During the reconnaissance of Brig.-Gen. D. S. Stanley from Nashville he approached the town of Franklin about daylight. The bank of the river was lined and the houses and buildings were filled with Confederates, but under the determined attack of the 4th Mich. and the 7th Pa. they soon fled.

All the machinery in the flour mill was destroyed. The Union loss was 1 man mortally wounded. The enemy lost 4 killed and 9 wounded. Stanley’s men took 11 prisoners.

Source: The Union Army, Vol. 5, p.439


From this time (late 62) to the end of the year the Fourth [Michigan Cavalry] was constantly on duty, taking the advance of the Union forces from Nashville, upon Triune, Franklin, Lavergne and other points leading out from Nashville, and making reconnoissances and scouts in every direction, meeting the enemy almost daily and invariably was victor when not overwhelmed by superior numbers.

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