Sergeant Asa M. Weston of the 50th Ohio Infantry, Company K. January 63

New Haven, Ky

Jan 9th 1863

Weston writes of events leading up to General John Morgan’s raid.


You will probably read in the newspapers of the way John Morgan was driven out of Kentucky our division started after him on New Years Eve & followed him forty of fifty just on his heels, our artillery firing a few shots just as he was crossing Green River bridge which he burned down thus choking our pursuit. We thought when we heard the cannon firing five or six miles in advance that another battle like that of Perryville was at hand. We started ‘double quick’ and you would be surprised to see how much more life & animation there was in every countenance. Though some might think a soldier would be loath to go into battle, when the time comes the reverse is the case. All are then anxious to be foremost. At any rate so it is with the 50th. We have just received some of the particulars of the great battle at Murphesboro, Tenn. in which Rosecrans gained a great victory. The old Ohio regiments did nobly. I was well acquainted with Col. Fred C Jones & Maj. Russel who were killed. Bloody battles are no uncommon occurrence. Still we have so many regiments in the field that it comes lightly on each one”

Source: Nate Sanders auction


This regiment was organized at Camp Dennison, in Aug., 1862, to serve for three years, with an aggregate of 964 men.

Asa M. Weston

Residence was not listed; 26 years old.

Enlisted on 8/11/1862 as a Sergeant.

On 8/11/1862 he mustered into “K” Co. OH 50th Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 6/26/1865 at Salisbury, NC

* Sergt Major 3/4/1865
* 2nd Lieut 4/22/1865

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* 3/4/1865 from company K to Field & Staff
* 4/22/1865 from Field & Staff to company E

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