The wagon trains

The wagon trains were devoted entirely to the transportation of ammunition and commissary and quartermaster’s stores, which had not been issued. Rations which had become company property, and the baggage of the men, when they had any, was carried by the men themselves. If, as was sometimes the case, three days rations were issued at one time and the troops ordered to cook them and be prepared to march, they did cook them, and eat them if possible, so as to avoid the labor of carrying them. It was not such an undertaking either, to eat three days rations in one, as frequently none had been issued for more than a day, and when issued were cut down one half.

Southern Historical Society Papers.
Vol. II. Richmond, Virginia, September, 1876. No. 3.
Detailed Minutiae Of Soldier Life In The Army Of Northern Virginia.

Wagon Train

Harper’s Weekly, February 6, 1864, The Wagon Train

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