Important events in the Civil War for March 1865

March 1865

March 2 – battle of Waynesboro.

March 3 – Union Congress creates the Freedmen’s Bureau.

March 4Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

March 13 – Desperate now, Confederate Congress approves using black troops in combat.

March 19-21 – Sherman repulses Johnston’s attack at Bentonville, North Carolina.

March 24 – Sherman occupies Goldsboro, North Carolina, ending Carolinas Campaign.

March 25 to April 2 – The Battle of Petersburg in Virginia.

March 28 – Lincoln, Sherman, Grant and Porter meet to confer on peace terms to end the long war.

March 29-31st – final Virginia Campaign begins with fighting around Dinwiddie Courthouse.

The Civil War Gazette Civil War Timeline is a linear, chronological look at the important events related to the American Civil War, fought between April 1861 and April 1865. The timeline includes major battles and skirmishes, significant political events impacting the war, deaths of major military figures, as well as details of important battles including casualty numbers.
Soldiers at rest after drill, Petersburg, Va., 1864. The soldiers are seated reading letters and papers and playing cards. 111-B-220.

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