30th Illinois soldier writes aboard steamer Gladiator, March 10, 1864

Lt. David W. Poak of the 30th Illinois Volunteer Infantry was at Forts Henry and Donaldson, Corinth, Vicksburg, Atlanta Campaign , March to the Sea, and the Carolina Campaign . He was awarded a 17th Corps Medal of Honor for the Battle of Atlanta when he was conspicuous in Rallying his men, advancing to the front, encouraging his men,firing muskets rapidly at the enemy, and by his service and gallant example materially assisting in bringing his regiment again into action.

HdQrs 30th Ill Infy
On Board Str Gladiater

Mar.10th, 1864

Dear Sister Sadie,

I take my pen this evening to drop you a few hasty lines. I can report to you my safe return from the expedition to Meridian under Gen. Sherman. We were gone just one month. Had some very hard marching and short rations. We returned to Vicksburg on the 3rd and are now on our way to Illinois . We expect to arrive at Cairo tonight or early tomorrow morning. I do not know whether I will be in Penn this time or not . It will depend a good deal on circumstances. The orderly of Co.”A” was severely wounded in a skirmish near Clinton Miss. He is recovering slowly. Nothing more. Write soon and address Aledo .

Your brother,

D W.P. /
P.S. I guess Robt. Tait will not want six cents in this. D.W.P.

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