March 17, 1828 – Patrick R. Cleburne is born in Ireland

Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, a Confederate General killed in action at Franklin, TN (30 Nov 1864) was born in County Cork , Ireland, March 17, 1828. Patrick was the second son of a physician and his other died when he was just an infant. An orphan by age fifteen, he followed inhis father’s footsteps in the field of medicine. However, he failed to pass the medical exam so he enlisted in the British Army in 1846.

A few years later Cleburne migrated to America settling in Arkansas.  By 1860 he was a was solid citizen practicing law. When the war broke out Cleburne sided with his beloved Arkansas, for whom he was grateful for the opportunity he had been given as a new immigrant.

He would become the Colonel of the 15th Arkansas and promoted to Brigadier General in March 1862. The Irish soldier-leader would go on to serve valiantly in action at Shiloh, Richmond (KY), Perryville, Stones River, north Georgia and eventually at Franklin where he fell mortally wounded on 30 November 1864.

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