30th Illinois soldier writes from Decatur, AL – May 27, 1864

Lt. David W. Poak of the 30th Illinois Volunteer Infantry was at Forts Henry and Donaldson, Corinth, Vicksburg, Atlanta Campaign , March to the Sea, and the Carolina Campaign . He was awarded a 17th Corps Medal of Honor for the Battle of Atlanta when he was conspicuous in Rallying his men, advancing to the front, encouraging his men,firing muskets rapidly at the enemy, and by his service and gallant example materially assisting in bringing his regiment again into action.

HdQrs 30th Ill Infy


Dear Sister Sadie,

I take my pen to drop you a few hasty lines. We arrived at this place yesterday or last night rather and march again this morning . We are on our way to Rome Georgia . Do  not know what time we will arrive there . Weather beautiful and men in excellent condition for campaigning . Our force consists of the 3rd and 4″ Divisions of our corps under command of Maj. Gen. Blair. I suppose you will not hear from me again until we reach Rome as there will be no communication open to the rear. Excuse this hastily written note as I have but a moment until our march. I recd’ a letter from Emma last night. Will answer it at my earliest oppertunity.

Your brother,D W.Poak

/P.S. Enclosed please find Photo of E. Runsen, Private Close “A” Co. and myself. How do you like mine? Sadie I think you ought to answer those letters right away I thought you could answer these letters right away I thought you could answaer them more satisfactory  I answered one I would have sent those letters sooner but did not know where to Direct untill Olive got a letter from your aunt Mary Poak

One comment

  1. I am in the process of trying to publish a book about the 30th IL and see nine letters by David W Poak. I know they were on ebay a couple of years ago and bought as many as I could affors and obviously these nine were not among them. However, I obtained the content from ebay (and more obviously here, at your site) and I was wondering if there is any restrictions as to me using these nine letters in my publication.

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