6th Ohio Cav soldier letter

Corp 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry June 2nd / 63


Yours of the 26th ult came to hand yestarday  I was most out of Patience waiting for a letter  it appears to me if you folks at home had to be party to half the inconvenience we have to hear you would never write  I don ot get half as many letters as I write (only from you.)  And I will be damed if I will write twice to any person unless they answer my letters  it is not because I like to write letters that I write as often as I do but because I like to get letters from my old friends  We are in camp now near Bealton [?] Station  Splendid Camp but a scarsity of water.  none within a mile for man or beast.  We are waiting for a Reb attack on our Pickets any moment  we look for it  let them come  6th O.V.C. are ready for them any time they want a fight.  600 of the cusses sliped around us and got in our Rear  flanked a gun on the Rail Road Track and when the train came put a solid shot through the Locomotive which disabled it and then they burnt the train with one days Ration of Forage  About that time they commenced a skedaddle with our cavalry at their heels  nobody got hurt that I know of.  The train never whistled before to day when it came in they give a good toot to day one that will wake up all the bushwhackers in the neighborhood and defy them to get another train if they can.  Last fall at this time of Popes masterly Retreat from the Rappahannock the Rebes burnt 5 trains on this Road.  they got in our Rear at Manopas junction and captured and burnt 2 trains loaded with government stores and ammunition  burnt the Bridge at Cottlett [?] Station over cedar Run while 3 trains wer down at Warrington  the Bridge being burnt they could not get back so they wer captured and Burnt also.  So you see it is a game they have on this road.  But before they burn more than 10 or 15 more trains they will get come up with by some yanky brick.  We hold ourselves in readiness to move in 30 minutes  Brigade commanders have orders to attack any body of Rebels that come in reach at any time

I hear Oliver has hired a Lawyer to get his discharge  never would I do that  if the government wants me I am theirs and when they are done with me I want them to give my paper honorable and will have them so or not at all  Dont wait for me to take you to spree, or you may never go but pitch in and go when you want to.  enjoy yourself whitefolks  I do the best I can towards enjoying myself and it is your priveledge two.  Jeff may get into trouble if he pitches into Phina [?] to far  I have know of such cases  warm weather does not bother our Rest nights here  when nights comes we throw down our blanket get a stone or Rail for a Pillow or some times pull off our Boots and put them under our heads.  we never take our clothes untill they wore out  onley as we change underclose.  No person enjoys his sleep better than a soldier nor knows how it goes to be deprived of sleep and Rest of all kinds  And in fact I dont think any person but a soldier Realy enjoys life (do you)

I dreamt you was here last night.  I showed you over several of the Battle fields of Va and the Bridge over Potomac Creek which our men built this spring, visited several Hospitals with you.  I though you shudered and turned back the first one we went into but I persuaded you to go in.  you said you never had any idea of half the horrors of war untill you had seen for yourself.  Dreames are curious things yet I like to dream of home and old friends  it does me good.  My dream of last night if not true onley lacked your presence to make it so.

Capt Barrett is at home I expect  he left here on the 28th ult for home  he had leave of absence for 5 days.  short stay he will have with his honey.  We expect our Dead horse cavalry in to day as they have been mounted again.  Our 9 months men are congratulating themselves on going home next month  Some of the “Sons of Bitches” have “played off” and never been on a horse since they came out.  Such boys as these 9 months men hurts our cause more than they do good.  it will be a good Ridence when gone.  the 6th Ohio stand now second to but one Regt. in this army  Since we got out from among the dam Dutch we can breathe free and easy and fight with a good stomache  Col. Duffea commands our Division now  he will be a Brigadere soon  he deserves the Position well.  Our Brigade is commanded by Col. Sargeant of the first Mass. Cavalry  Our Regt is commanded by Bill Stedman  some call him Major Stedman  But he is about as fit for major as hell is for a powder house  he is a clever talktive man and would make a good civil officer but as a military man he is not worth a dam and ought to be at home having corn

My time is half up the 9th of this month  only 18 months more and my time will be up unless they hold me During the war and if it should last longer I am willing to see it through.  our dead horse cavalry have arrived  Pick & George look tough and hearty.

Dud was buried in a hole with another man who was killed at the same time

June 3rd all quiet on cedar River this morning

I close with my best wishes for your happiness and future wellfare

Most respectively your & e


Albinus R. Fell of the Ohio Volunteer Cavalary 6th Regiment Company D.

Source: eBay item # 250216364934 (Feb 2008)

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