6th Ohio Cav soldier letter

Camp 6th Ohio Cavalry near cedar River
June 12 /63

Dear Lydia –

Yours of the 31st ult came to hand in due time.  But certain little events to which a soldiers life is subject to has delayed me from writing you sooner.  We have had another fight and another Retreat to this side of the Rappahannock, in which we shurely whiped and drove them.  But the whole Particulars will reach you ere this possible can leave here.  Our Regt has the fortune in all its actions to be very lucky.  was in as hot a place as any of them and came out with but one or two wounded  Ordley Sergts [?] Dunlap of Co G is mortaly wounded if not dead before this (have not heard from him to day)  we are in the same camp as we were before the fight (water scarse).

You spoke of Whites wife if you Recolect she waited on the table at the “Chase House” in Mecca at that Shindig we wer at.  I formed my oppinion of her there that night.  Laffayett Lake has hired out at Potomac Creek Station for 10 shillings a day to do work for “Uncle Sam”

Weather very dry and roads dusty as Hell. What the hell this army does not move against old Lee is more than I know.  they are fooling away another summer as shure as Hell and the damed “Jonneys” (Rebes) will be down to Vicksburg the next we know with nothing but a picket force left here for the army of the “Petomick” to watch.  Our pickets and the jonneys going swiming to gether trade papers, coffee for tobacco and play Eucher to gether and have a good time generaly.  Occasionaly a jonney or so come over this side and go back no more to sin and sorrow  take Uncle Sams oath and go north to the garden of Eden where every thing is plenty but soldiers.  With these few hasty writin lines I conclude to wind up and as I got a letter from Mr Hayes & wife I will send them a few lines in yours as it will be the best I can do this hitch  Hell  Wobbert Wofferson Oscar

Cedar River June 12 / 63

Mrs And Mr Hayes in co

Yours of the 24 of last month “Ahem”…I got them all right but Jo Hooker interfered a little with my arrangements or I would of sent you my tender compliments and Almighty best wishes for your long life Liberty and the pursuit of other fixens.  I am all right and feel able to cope with at least one of that stiff necked and Rebellios generation which stile themselves the Southern Confederacy of Uncle Sam.  So Mrs. Julia you think it dont look right to see folks shot after they are dead and damed, eh ! Thats a way we government fellows have and its no use to cry so […?…] or die   How would you like to see two walkers cut off of one man one close up to his his — his  oh well up to where he sets down and the other above the knee.  I witness such a scene performed on a “Jonny”  all I could say was Amen as each propeller droped off  He has no government to give him a pension during life.  Friend Dick, as you think you all will be down here soon there will be some prospects of the war ending dam soon then that is when you come  the Rebes are not to be scart into any thing (unless they see the 6th Ohio coming at them with drawn saber)  But come along we Kneed Help, No dout.  dont go to the Devil because things are coming up and calico too that would be just the time I would  want to be around when calico was “Ris” (I would like to live on ham and eggs awhile first)  Foulerites are all right  have not heard from Cole or Oliver lately

Yours as B.4.  Untill Deth

Amos Ward

P.S. to Lydia

I Rec’d a letter from Dillon Duer  he’s all “cheeky”  give Miss Kellogg my compliments and tell her I hope she may marry the man her heart desires and enjoy matrimoniol Bliss & Babies to an advanced age

Will give Miss Molie Jones my compliments and tell her I wish her success in teaching the young ladys how to shoot  But look out for the darts of cupid


Albinus R. Fell of the Ohio Volunteer Cavalary 6th Regiment Company D.

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