6th Ohio Cav soldier letter

Centerville Va Oct 12th / 62

Affectionate Wife

I received your letter yestarday of Sept 30, also, a line in Bobs letter (from Jeff)  I would have written yestarday But it was so cold and winday that I could not.  But to day I got a chance to write in a covered wagon  You say you get no letters from me.  What the cause is more than I know as I write often enough for you to get a letter almost every week.  But this winter you must not expect letters very often unless we get in to winter quarters (which I doubt) for we have no tents and to write out doores in cold weather is imposible.  we have had the very best fall wather here untill yestarday  it was cold and rainy, and cold last night — I liked to froze.  But we must expect to see a great deal colder weather before next spring.  I have been in the service 10 months and 3 days to day and what has been accomplished can hardley be seen  the Rebes are more determined to day then ever and unless our armey is conducted over different principle we never will conquer  they know they are weak and they take advantage of every thing they can to accomplish their ends as did our armey in the Revolutionary war.  But the Federal Armey know they have men enough for all emergencyes and so they leave as it wer the hog holes all open and do not take precautions which should be taken to keep the Rebes from getting the advantage of us through hog holes.  for example the Rebes have succeded the second time in getting Mc Clellan’s rear and making a raide into Pennsylvania  I tell the Boys that I wish our armey was reduced to equal numbers with the Rebes and then we might whip whip [sic] them.  Our armey has to many straglers and Bummers (as I call the dutch Officers) to do any good  it is not an uncommon occurrence to get talking with soldiers about the time have been in the service and fights they have been in and have them tell you thay have been in 9 months or a year and never been under fire yet.  I know the half of our Regt has never been fired at by a sesh yet or have they shot at a live sesh.  There by god, Homer and Lieut Wood caused me spill the ink all over my letter.  By God, The HS Regt. Pa. V. wer musterd into the U.S.  received one year ago yestarday and they had a grand polification yestarday and last night  the dutch officers wer drunk as Hell (such is war)  O yes when we come to taking about Officers getting drunk we must mention our Bully Col. (he is now acting Brigade Gen.)  he got so dam drunk the other day, Between here and Fairfax that he fell off his horse and his Orderlies carried him in to the woods where they kept him a while and come on to camp  He could not sit up strait in his saddle when he came in  Bully  According to orders ishued from the war department, all men enlisted as buglers are to be discharged   also all the noncommissioned staff.  to day it is put in force in our Regt.  all the above men leave this morning for Washington  they are as tickled as a boy with a pair of new boots  in all there is 23 of them musterd out  Well if I had been there and picked out the men to draft I could not have been any better suited than now onley I would have neal Hall in for one  the rest are all right, but Harasson Barnes I feel sorry for him.  I wish they would not allow substitutes then it would be Bully  19 days more and it will be 6 months since we got any pay and then they cant hold any longer without paying us  a good many will bolt and go home for they want a chance but dont want to desert…..[incomplete]

Albinus R. Fell of the Ohio Volunteer Cavalary 6th Regiment Company D.

eBay item # 250217843299   (Feb 2008)

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