3rd Iowa Battery, June 1865, talks of many who lost their lives

1st Lt. Hiland H. Weaver
3rd Iowa Battery

Ordnance Office
1st Div. 7th A.C.,
Little Rock, Ark.,

June 24, 1865,

Reads in part: “…many a brave fellow as ever shouldered a musket has lost his life in this great battle and may they live in the hearts of a glorious and great people as patriots who have given their lives that their country might live and how many thousand who will return to their home who should be equally honored with the dead they have braved the tempest and arrived at home and they cannot be too warmly received. I know it is said that soldiers are a hard specimen of humanity I admit there is men in the army who are not what they should be but are there not such men at home, I claim there is. If there was not there never would have been any in the Army for of such is our army composed. I am afraid the people at home do not give the soldier his just dues. In the first place he has thousands of temptations thrown in his way which he has not been accustomed to at home and again he is taken from the society of the female sex and he has no mothers parental eye to watch over him or sisters southing caress to keep him from temptation. Mothers write but seldom and Fathers seldom write still…and in a short time the soldier is heard to say my folks home forgotten me and I will not write to them, I can live without them if they do not care enough about me to write…in a short time the soldier becomes estranged from nearly every tie that binds him…and what is the result, his friends say John is not anything but a soldier and is forgotten except by a few and in a short time since one writes home that he has committed some crime and been court-martialed, his good name he had when he first went into the army is gone and where does the blame lay in nine cases out of ten at the door of his friends at home…And the more I think of it the more convinced I am that this world or the people in it are a grand humbug. I am getting disgusted with mankind for there is so few who are true to their friends…”


Source: eBay, Nov 2008

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