6th Ohio Cav soldier letter

Fayettville Va Nov 12th / 63


Yours of the 28th of last month was dueley Received.  But circumstances to numerous to mention have Prevented me from writing sooner.  I scribled you a line on the 4th while on Picket at Frances ford.  Since then however we have had some excitement in the “Army of the Potomac”  But to what extent the fighting has been carried on we know but very little about it as our Brigade has been in the Rear for once doing Picket and guarding trains.  We wer in sight and hearing of the fight at Rappahannock Station.  Which was a Big thing for Mead  the Jonneys wer a good deal surprised to be attacked by Mead again this fall  they had thought it would take him till spring to build up the Orange And Alexandria R.R. which they tore up.  But as soon as Mead got the Road finished so he could supply his army with 12 dayes Rations he went for them and that to at their strongest Point (Rappahannock station)  I have been in fortifications since the fight  it lookes almost as if it would be impossible to take the Position the Rebes held there.  I suppose you will get all the Particulars in the Pappers  But I will give you som of the Points likely to be left out.  the army was in motion about 2 oclock on the morning of the 7th and about 12 oclock of the same day the fighting commenced near Rappahannock Station which was kep up till 3 oclock by skirmishing  then we heard the Boom of the first cannon which was kept up untill dusk.  When the 5th Army Corps charged, Supported by the 6th A.C. Mead Played a yankey trick on them in this maner.  he had thrown forward a heavy skirmish line, and they advanced cautiously untill they got the jonneys to come out of their Breast works to meat them  When the yankeys saw the Rebes a comeing out they threw down their Armes  when the Rebes made a dash with a whole Brigade with the expectation of catching right smart of Yankeys  When they had arrived just where they wanted them the skirmishers fell flat to the ground and a Brigade of Yankeys that had got a Position in ambush behind the skirmish line give the Rebes volley after volley full in the face, which Reception was rather unlooked for by Mr. Reb  the Rebes had two lines of fortification  are on each side of the River and had the Rebes been wise enough to of kept on the other side Mead could of never got them out  onley by a flank movement  the Jonneys had another yankey trick played on them at Kelley ford, and 700 of them captured.  One of the Prisoners (an Officer) said as he passed by our Regt that he had heard tell of yankey tricks but never saw one till they got them surrounded before any one knew it   Our Regt is now in camp near Fayettville  just came in from picket duty on the Rappahannock. We are almost dead for news  have not seen a paper since the 7th  I would give a dollar if I could get just one paper to night

We hear that the 8th A.C. hold Fredricksburg hights.  But it is only a Rumor as we get no Papers  we are in suspense  “How are you” Charleston  “How are you” Mead

But I must quit writing for to night so good night

John Botz

Albinus R. Fell of the Ohio Volunteer Cavalary 6th Regiment Company D.

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